About Us

Alien Art Tattoo was founded in 2002, by April Somdahl with the love and support of her husband, Dane Somdahl. Our original location was in North Carolina, positioned outside Camp Lejeune Marine Corp base main gate.

  During the aftermath of Hurricane Florence (2018), we lost our home in North Carolina. April had decided that she was done with the east coast storms and left for the west coast with Dane by her side. She opened her new Alien Art Tattoo location in Las Vegas, Nevada. How did Alien Art Tattoo begin?

  In 1993, Dane and April began apprenticeship training, together. The tattoo master was an old, mean, traditional artist, called himself, "Doc Holliday". He had been a tattoo artist that came to eastern North Carolina in the 1970s.

  After her first month of training, the tattoo master informed April that she is not welcome to train under him, because he firmly believed that women should not be in the tattoo industry. This did not stop April from taking a path of building the framework of support for tattoo artists.

  April Somdahl has been known in the industry as the protective mama bear for the many tattoo artists who have been a part of her tattoo crews over the years. She represents the fair and respectful treatment of all her artists. 

 She went on to learn from the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in San Fransisco, California. Obtaining her certifications as Master Hypnotist in Advanced Hypnotherapist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist, class of 2000. Her specialties include; Guided Imagery, Emergency Hypnosis, Trauma Recovery Hypnosis, and Painless Childbirth Hypnosis, as well as Soothing Tattoo Hypnosis.

 As a tattoo shop owner, April's team-building skills are legendary. She pioneered new ways of taking care of her crews by offering them health benefits, with dental and life insurance policies. She even was the first in North Carolina to offer to finance clients for their extra-large tattoos, all in 2002. Also, in 2002, she had formulated the first all-natural tattoo healing balm, lovingly named, "Alien Balm".  

  Many beautiful tattoos came out of Alien Art Tattoo, back in the day. But, in 2012, April and Dane had sold their first Alien Art Tattoo location, and moved to a sleepy small town and opened a tiny shop. This location was quaint, quiet and a great place to slow down and recover emotionally from the soldier suicide of April's younger brother. Until, 2018 when Hurricane Florence rolled through North Carolina, causing April and Dane to lose everything.

  As stated above, April had had enough with the east coast storms and had decided to go west. She and Dane traveled around America for part of 2018 and 2019, looking for a new home for Alien Art Tattoo. Now that their long road trip is over, they have settled into Las Vegas, Nevada and are delighted to have found a new home, here. 




Our studio,  Suite D in the Stanley Plaza, has 24 Hour Surveillance.  There is also private security that works the very well lit parking lot Daily for your safety and protection!