Dane Somdahl
Pleased to meet you! Alien Art Tattoo has been relocated to Las Vegas, Nv., all the way from the beaches of North Carolina. We lost everything to hurricane Florence, 2018. Starting over, again, is never easy, but we are very happy to have a new home, here, in Las Vegas, Nv.!
Dane Somdahl is our Legendary Tattoo Artist. He has been an early pioneer in the tattoo industry, servicing mostly active military from our original location, outside the main gate of Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base, since 1994.
Dane is also an Honorable Army Veteran, with partial disability from his time in service. Needless to say, ALL MILITARY active/retired/vet gets an additional discount on their professional ink by Dane.
Dane is into traditional, black and grey, as well as color fusion techniques. He is also well trained in traditional Japanese Art. Dane is known for being "Light handed", by many of his fans. He can handle any art from delicate lettering to highly detailed portraits, just ask him.
Dane is offering his experienced tattoo skills for only $100 per hour through this holiday season, as a gift to our new home city of Las Vegas.

" I started tatooing in 1994,  introduced to the industry by Doc Holliday (R.I.P.). Worked with great award winning artists like Steve Mishoe and John Fuller of Skin Art Tattoo and Later Zekes' Tattoo in Jacksonville NC.  John and I use to have drunken band practice at Zeke Owens studio late at night. Lol

  I have always been attracted to the Arts since a young age.  It started mostly with simple pencil drawings as a teen, moved into water-colors, charcoal and acrylic painting as I got a little older. Now, Oils are my preferred medium!

   I love color tattoo work, but I have plenty of experience with black & Grey and just enjoy all forms of tattoo regardless of style."