FAQ Page~


1. What are your rates for tattoos?

  A: The regular rate is $150per hour for most designs. Limited-time sales will be announced for our grand opening and holidays. However, factors that raise the price of your new tattoo include size, location on the body, degrees of realism. Examples; A small two-dimensional tattoo on the arm in all black may be as low as $50. While the same design would be $80 to add colors. Compared to a giant, full-color photo realism tattoo located on the back may cost between $3,000 to $5,000 over the span of many visits. Which, each visit would default to our hourly rate per visit. Any sales would continue to apply if your tattoo project was begun under a sale, even after the sale has expired. Your rate is locked in for the completion of your giant tattoo project

2. Do you offer body piercings?

      A: No, we only offer high-quality tattoos.

 3. Does it hurt?

      A: Yes, tattoos hurt. But, again, there are many factors to the pain of getting a tattoo that may come into play. Alien Art Tattoo offers guided relaxation techniques to make your sessions more comfortable. 

  Another factor is our machines. Being state-of-the-art rotary machines with sterile, single-use, disposable cartridges which makes for smooth and precise tattoo procedures. 

  The more sensitive the skin happens to be on any particular body space will be the most painful. Here is a pro tip: exercise right before your tattoo sessions. This will produce natural endorphins in your body that is a natural pain reliever.  Have a small meal and be hydrated as well.


  4. Why does it cost so much for top-notch quality tattoos?

       A: First off, you are permanently altering your body! It takes the proper level of skill and safety to do this correctly.

  Everybody loves finding that great deal. I know, I do. Great quality tattoos belong to everyone, not just for the wealthy. Our expenses are low because we are debt-free and enjoy a lifestyle as minimalists. Our location is small and pretty easy to maintain, so charging what our art is worth is not as important as the tattoo art itself. For the love of tattoo art, the spice of life is in how we enjoy life.