Mission Statement

Making the personal lifestyle choice of being minimalists combined with our natural love to give good deals provides our clients with high-quality tattoos at a very competitive price rate.

  Being focused on our individual job descriptions helps us provide each client with the attention to detail that is required for awesome customer care and support. Meaning, April takes her positions in Alien Art, Llc very seriously. As her role includes public relations, human resources, accounting, and direct customer support… April frees up Dane. He is free to be creative and attentive to each clients' designs in an environment that nurtures his natural artistic talents and professional relationships with his clients. 

  It is our mission to give you a good deal and a great tattoo. By accomplishing this mission, you will forever carry our artwork with an interesting story to tell with pride over getting the best price on such high-quality tattoos. That is all we want out of our Alien Art Tattoo, Las Vegas location.